The Wuf Wuf Cast of Characters

1- I love your hair, how do you do that?

Step 1: Wash hair

Step 2: Hope for the best

Dog with funny hair on a WufWuf box

2- Muuuum, May I have one more WufWuf treat please, please, please?

Dog posing with a WufWuf toy

3- London is open. I’m going to London, please buy me a ticket. The WufWuf team needs help making the Christmas box.

Dog sitting inside a WufWuf box

4- May I have your attention please? 

Dog standing behind a WufWuf box

5- I’m so happy you are working from home and I’m playing at home. Now I’ve got these delicious treats, I won’t be eating your slippers.

Dog in front of a WufWuf box smiling

6- Everybody ready for the Christmas Holiday?

Dog with a christmas themed santa toy posing in front of a WufWuf box

7- “I’ve had enough this photoshoot, can we eat now?”

– “Oh go on, let her take one more picture”

Two dogs posing behind a WufWuf box

8- I believe in pink

Dog wearing a pink hat holding a pink toy

9- Hey Dude, let’s play!

Dog holding a toy, looking at the camera with expectation

10- Dear Father Christmas, please bring me a WufWuf box this year. I know I’ve been naughty this year… but I can explain.

Dog acting guilty near a destroyed dog bed

11- I’m really not vain, but do you like my pose?

Dog posing with a WufWuf box