5 Steps to Stop Your Puppy from Biting

We know the answer to the question why do puppies bite, it is time to learn how to stop your puppy from biting.

As you train your puppy, you should know that the biting will get softer before you see them do it less. That should be your goal!

How to stop your puppy from biting
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Here are the 5 steps to stop your puppy from biting:

  1. You need to give meaningful feedback. Puppies need to know that humans are extremely sensitive. When they bite, you should show them that it hurts. You can do this by simply yelling ‘Ouch!’. However, the most important thing is your puppy needs is to let go first, so, you can’t move your hand. If you do, it will make them chase your hand. When they let go of your hand, you can give a positive feedback.
  2. Socialize your puppy. Your puppy needs to be around other puppies, this can be done by going to puppy classes and arranging play dates.
  3. If the biting is not getting any softer, after saying ‘Ouch!’ and waiting for your puppy to let go of your hand, you can leave their space. Don’t give them time out, just leave the room. Your puppy will see that you don’t want to play anymore. It is not a punishment, you just can’t – because it hurts too much. They will slowly learn how to bite more softly.
  4. Give the same feedback when your puppy bites your clothes. Make them realize the only things they can chew freely are their toys.
  5. Provide lots of different toys. Chew toys are great for puppies. As they are teething, they will want to bite stuff, and what’s better than a chew toy!
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Slowly, biting will become soft mouthing. This training will work before your puppy is 6 months old. For older dogs, you can focus on the frequency of biting, but making it go softer could be a challenge. In this case you might need some professional help.

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