10 Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Dog

25th October will be National Adopt-a-Dog-Day in the UK. Every year, a large number of dogs enter shelters, often abandoned and abused. This date is a reminder of how someone can be a dog’s own hero – by giving it a place in their home. Should you decide to do this, it will likely bring benefits to your life, as well as your new companion.

Still unsure? We recommend you take a look at 10 reasons we listed below:

Improve an animal’s quality of life

Shelter dogs really appreciate having a home because of their previous negative experiences. By doing so, you will vastly improve one dog’s quality of life, while also making room for another homeless dog in the shelter.

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Most shelter dogs are already trained. No one can deny how adorable puppies are, but cleaning after them isn’t so desirable. You won’t have to spend as much time preparing yours. When you adopt from a shelter, you receive your dog as micro-chipped, vaccinated and spayed, as well as trained. Adopted dogs get all the necessary medical treatments to make them more adoptable.

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Choice of breed

You can find a wide variety of breeds in shelters, which means you will probably find one right for you and your living situation. It is a common misconception that shelters have only mix breeds. Many abandoned dogs are pure-breed dogs. Often owners/breeders pass them on because they are not ready for the necessary responsibilities.


Rescue dogs are said to be loyal. Could it be they know their lives would be different if you hadn’t taken him to your home? Once you establish trust, you will notice a strong bond between the two of you. Rescue dogs also make good guards, protective of their new family and territory from strangers or other animals.

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Know its temperament

When you adopt a dog from a shelter, you can learn about its character. During its time there workers collect information about the dogs who await their permanent home. This will enable you to choose you suitable new family member.

Example to others

You’ve adopted a dog, and friends have noticed how different you are as a result. That newfound zest will be contagious. Suddenly they’ll be wanting to do the same!

Avoid puppy farms

It is now illegal for unlicensed 3rd party dealers to sell puppies, but unsuspecting buyers were still doing this unaware during Covid19 lockdown. Anyone who has experienced a puppy farm will know they are operated by unscrupulous traders to maximise profit and cut down on cost.

By adopting a puppy, you can be sure you are not giving a penny to such operations.

Improved health

Once you’re in the swing of things, will likely gain a more active lifestyle. Walking with your new family member three times a day will make both of you feeling invigorated. According to research, the physical and mental health of dog owners is higher than others.

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Contribute to shelters

By adopting from shelters, you contribute their running costs and help them to create better conditions for other dogs.

and finally…

If you are unsure you are ready to be an adopter, you can be a temporary foster carer. This will give you an opportunity to decide whether you are ready to make a fuller commitment to the future.

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