Fun Ball Games to Play With Your Dog

Doggie Football

The dogby ball lets your dog get in on a variety of activities with people — including football action. He can pursue a moving ball that you kick or even pick up the soft ball with his mouth.

Find the Ball

Tell your dog to sit and allow it to watch you place the ball under one of the boxes. Shuffle the boxes around and tell your dog to “find the ball”! If necessary, you can help it out by pointing to the correct box and encouraging your dog to get it by pawing or nudging the box. Praise warmly when it finds the toy and ask your dog to bring it to you. Trade the box for a treat to ensure it remembers the Bring command but then return the ball to it as a reward for the hard work.

Muffin Ball

This game will both entertain and strengthen your dog’s sense of smell. You need twelve tennis balls, a couple of dog treats and a muffin tin. Place the treats into a selection of the muffin cups, before placing all the balls in all the spaces and then encourage him/her to unearth the treats from below the balls.

Fetch (Duh!)

You can play fetch inside the home with your soft dogby ball that don’t bounce (to save your TV)! Ensure you do this on a carpeted floor to avoid your dog slipping when it’s running after the toy.