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Fun and useful dog apps (for dog parents)

As a tech-savvy dog parent (yeah we know you are!), you may well have a number of apps on your phone. Here are some that can enhance various aspect of your relationship. Adding one of these dog apps, could be a good way of marking a special occasion or your dog’s birthday.

Whether it’s assisted training you need, or some fun stuff your for your kids to do when you’re home or out and about you are after, why not consider one of these?


If you are looking for a new dog trainer, Puppr is here! It can sit on your phone, ready to teach your dog new tricks.

Why you should download it: Puppr is pretty easy to use and navigate with an assortment of training guides created by Sara Carson – a well-known dog trainer, and her ‘super Collies’. The prospect of training a dog can seem daunting, and this app can make it less so. It provides a variety of options from basic command to more advanced training. You only pay for what you need (at a relatively affordable price). 

Price: Free, with a choice of extra costs if needed.

Puppr link


Dogo creators like to think of this as more of a community than just an app. This also a dog training device with a more interactive vibe. On signing up, you get a kind of doggy needs-assessment with the aim of tailoring to your pet.

Why you should download it: You can send videos to dog trainers and get feedback within the next day. The app allows you to track progress, and experts are available to answer questions. 

Price: 7-day free trial, approx £7.60 per month after trial.

Dogo link

My Talking Pet

On first writing this for our print mag in February 2021 My Talking Pet was one of the most popular dog apps with 90,000 downloads. That number is now 3 million!

It’s a fun app which brings your dogs photos to life with speech, pitch shift and animated expression.

Why you should download it: It’s entertaining, suitable for kids and has no ads. You can make your pet say what you want, and it also has stunning animation options and extra filters.

Price: A bit confusing (see website), but basically you are looking at about:

£1 weekly

£2.30 monthly

£18 yearly

My Talking Pet link

Dog Scanner

This is one of the most ingenious dog apps, allowing you to find out a dog breed within seconds!

Why you should download it: It gives mostly accurate predictions based on what it sees, saving a lot of money compared to a DNA test! It also recognises mixed breeds and provides interesting data and facts. If there’s no dog around, you can use humans instead. Dog Scanner will tell you which dogs they resemble most!

Price: 7-day free trial, approx £14 per year after.

Dog Scanner link


Looking for love? Tired of Bumble and Twitter? Dig aims to bring dog lovers together on the basis that something is only likely to work out if your dogs get on. It’s not free though.

Why you should download it: Obviously our dogs are big parts of our lives. If yours is a relationship deal breaker though, then you could be in for a treat. Who knows who you could be taking your dog with in the future.

Price: appox £15 per month

Dig link

Do you have a preferred dog app or a story to tell about using one? Tell us in the comments below!

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