The Wuf Autumn Fashion Show – what is hot up on the dogwalk.

The Bikini season is pretty much over,(well for the time there was to wear them that wasn’t locdown). Now, it is time of pup-kin spice lattes, and leaves coloured with shades of yellow and brown. Short-sleeved shirts will need to be replaced with cozy sweaters, but in dog world, what is the thing of the new range? Let’s warmly welcome the season and get inspired by the fashion loving doggies! These would be on our Wuf autumn fashion show dogwalk.

Vintage biker

Decided to hit the road with your bestie? Then a pair of leather jackets will make you two the eye-catching stars of the road to rival Marlon Brando in The Wild One.

Photo by london_dog_brunches from Instagram

High class socialite

Making the choice of striped outfit and large pair of retro-shades for a Sunday brunch, and she’s pawfectly dressed for the occasion.

Photo by iggyjoey from Instagram

Snug knit

Who says pugs shouldn’t wear turtlenecks? Prove them wrong baby!

Photo by barry_the_puggy from Instagram

Lords of the manor

You can never go wrong with well-tailored outfits. Let’s hope they don’t get too dirty! Not sure where they grabbed these from, whether it was high end dog-tailor or ebay.

Photo by bad_dog_adventures from Instagram

Downhome / natural

Could this sweater have been a home-knitted one? Everyone will be curious about where to buy them.

Photo by coffee_the_sheepadoodle from Instagram


6. Sometimes you just need to be noticed. One place that over-the-top outfits never look out of place is in the fashion world. For the dog that wants to stand out from the crowd. Go for it!

Photo by iggy_tuna from Instagram

Classic American

How on the earth did plaid shirts ever become uncool? There is no way they could be after this. Classic!

Photo by goodboyneville from Instagram

Gangsta chic

You can never have too many hoodies!

Photo by from Instagram

Lady of leisure

Whether an afternoon tea with friends or just a stop-by to grab a pup-kin spice latte, a houndstooth jumper will look classy on the belle of the bark.

Photo by dudu_mimipompom from Instagram

Smart-casual menswear.

10. Completing our Wuf Autumn fashion show is one for that date with a sweetheart. When he is having trouble choosing the right outfit. (We completely understand) he just needs to pull out a black jumper. It will save the day.

Photo by theohiopugs from Instagram

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