Wuf Wuf Moments of Joy from our subscribers

Everyone wants to be happy, yet what sometimes we are most happy when bringing joy to others. In fact, we might not even know we are, as it is the little everyday things that can make someone’s day. It is our aim at WufWuf to achieve this on behalf of you – your dog’s kind benefactor. So, we thought we’d share some choice WufWuf moments of joy, as preserved on camera by some of YOU! Here we are ladies and gents, a snapshot of Wuf Wuf moments of joy.

1. Joy is bumping into a friend after a long time, and forgetting what you were supposed to be doing.

2. Joy is getting a natural, yet unexpected smile from a stranger.

3. Joy is reflecting on the little victories and accomplishments in our daily lives that give us the motivation to move forward.

4. Joy is experiencing a rainbow after a bout of spring rain.

5. Joy is getting a good night sleep and waking up refreshed and sparkling the next morning.

6. Joy is an inner sense of ease that comes out of embracing our genuine selves.

7. Joy is laughter in good company when we are not having to worry about how to behave what you should say.

8. Joy is making spur of the moment decisions that make us feel both crazy and alive.

9. Joy is having time to mess about after a hearty breakfast.

10. Joy is getting sent something nice when we need them most.

We look forward to many more moments of joy in days to come.

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