DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Dog

One of the best times of the year is just around the corner. If you are a Halloween lover like us (like a bit of spooky), you might have been preparing for weeks, and even made decorations, costumes, and come up with a list of scary movies. You’ve had 364 days to get ready, but what about your dog’s costume? It isn’t just human family members that should dress up for this special time of the year!

Using your sewing skills on fabrics or old clothes that you already have at home, let your creativity shine!

Here are the 4 DIY ideas for your dog’s halloween costume:

1. Batdog

Let’s honour the Gotham City’s protector: I am vengeance, I am the night, I am Batman! and rephrase as I am cuteness, I am fluffiness, I am Batdog!

All you’ll need is a grey piece of clothing and a selection of black fabric to use as a cape, and two felt Batman logos. You need to iron this onto the grey item, whether it be a t-shirt or boxers and completing the look with a cape.

Batdog - Halloween Costume For Your Dog
Photo by chewbarkerthedoxie from Instagram

2. Frankendoggy

If you are good at knitting, then you are ready to create your own monster like Doctor Frankenstein. Here is the Frankendoggy!

Frankendoggy - Halloween Costume For Your Dog
Photo by pawsomecrochet from Instagram

3. Harry Pawter

All those magical creatures, dozens of spells, pawfect friendships and evils to confront: Get ready for the adventures of Harry Pawter at Dogwarts.

All you need is a piece of cloth with right colours that will indicate your doggie is a member of Gryffindor 🙂 You can use it to make a scarf or tie, and for the different look, you can sew a black robe.

Harry Pawter - Halloween Costume For Your Dog
Photo by pumatheshihtzu from Instagram

4. Skeleton

Actually, this one isn’t quite a costume, it is sort of an appearance. All you need is pet-safe paints and voila, you are ready to create a skeleton out of your doggie 🙂

Skeleton - Halloween Costume For Your Dog
Photo by thek9crew from Instagram

Wishing you a spooky night of shrieks and chills, with your friends enjoy the most magical thrills! Happy Halloween!

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