Saltdean Lido Dog Swim, and Float In Cinema: Wuf news

Here’s good news for the WufWuf family members in the Brighton and Hove area. Dogs in the Brighton area are treated to a big day of doggie paddling and splashing at the Saltdean Lido dog swim.  On 19/20th and 26th / 27th September, mutts will have the listed Art-Deco outdoor pool to themselves.  This has to be one of the big dog-events for the South East.

“Frogs in the Pool…Again!” by Gatorgoon is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Float in Cinema

Staying with the water them, the Float in Cinema on the Regents Canal is open until 27th September. For those in London itching to get out after lockdown but still wanting to spend chill time with their dog, a selection of cinema classics are scheduled.

It is a rather impressive aquatic version of a drive in. Instead of watching inside your car, you can get on one of 15 ecoboats from Go Boat. This looks like quite it could be quite a memorable experience, although we should point out that the tickets are rather pricey. At £200-250O per boat hire, the City district Financial crowd are likely to be the target audience.

Still, there are a small number of dog-friendly cinemas in London, most notably those of the independent Picturehouse group – Central, Clapham, the Rooftop Filmclub, and the Greenwich Picturehouse). As well as being one of the only surviving independents, they show films at prices competitive to the main chains. Why not take the time out to support a local dog-friendly indie chain? You can find the Picturehouse group on Instagram

You can purchase Saltdean Lido dog swim tickets here.