Providing Some Light Relief During a Lockdown: Pangpang the Pug and WufWuf!

Our mate, Pangpang the Pug, has been a busy little puggy during lockdown this year. In an attempt to keep his friends around the world entertained during these challenging times, he has gone ‘live’ every day on Instagram. From pug naps, kisses and cuddles, to his first swimming lesson, training, treats and dance videos, he has enjoyed sharing his happy moments and pugventures with pug lovers everywhere.

“It’s been great to hear that Pangpang has been helping to lift people’s spirits during lockdown,” said his mum, Helen. “We’ve received lots of messages saying that Pangpang has helped people through difficult times during the pandemic and we’re so glad to hear he’s bringing joy to dog lovers all around the world. He’s such a people dog and is always keen to give his wonderful friends a big pug kiss!”

Meanwhile, Wufwuf has helped us keep Pangpang entertained and happy throughout lockdown with monthly Joy Boxes. He’s always so excited when they turn up and can’t decide whether to go for the cool new toys or the selection of treats first! Some recent favourites include the Shakespeare and Christmas editions which included a range of snacks that he’d never tried before. At the moment, the venison bites are proving a real hit.

Dan, Pangpang’s dad, said “We are huge fans of the monthly Joy Boxes because Pangpang loves them every time. For a long time, we struggled to find dog toys that really interested him but since we’ve started getting the monthly boxes from Wufwuf, he has a growing collection that keeps him active. And we like to switch up his treats so he doesn’t get bored and the monthly boxes allow us to do this too. We recommend the Joy Boxes to all our friends who have dogs as they always go down well”.

Pug hugs and kisses from Pangpang the Pug.

You can follow our friend Pangpang on Instagram @pangpangthepug, TikTok @pangpangthepug, YouTube and Facebook