20 Cute Puppies That Will Cheer You Up

Busy day at work? No worries! We are here to cheer you up:)

Grab your favourite drink and you are about to be exposed to cuteness overload!

1. If you think you and your dog are on the same page about visiting the vet, good luck with that.

Photo by Karen Blaha from Flickr

2. While newborn superstar is saluting the household.

3. They are always sooo ready to go outside, sniff newly cut grass and chase squirrels.

Photo by Eric Danley from Flickr

4. After a good catch, everybody needs a break.

Photo by Jeffrey Beall from Flickr

5. No one can destroy stuff with pure innocence as they do.

Photo by Karen Blaha from Flickr

6. That look is a huge reminder of how rude we are for leaving them in the house alone for an eternity (which equals approximately to 4 hours).

Photo by Karoliina Karttunen from Flickr

7. When your dog peeks into the kitchen and finds you eating a steak…

Photo by localpups from Flickr

8. Who else greets us with huge joy and happiness only because we are home?

Photo by Joey Gannon from Flickr

9. A good playfellow is worth millions.

Photo by teddy_thedachshund20 from Instagram

10. Oh, we found that pot of gold at the rainbow’s end!

Photo by lifeof_luna_thesausage 4_n from Instagram

11. Where might be the spaghetti bolognese from last night? Such a mystery…

Photo by Terrah from Flickr

12. You shall not pass without giving belly rubs!

Photo by Daniel Stockman from Flickr

13. Your pedicure line is the best place to catch up with your bestie.

SamsunPhoto by Eduardo Marquetti from Flickrg

14. Is the second dog really necessary?

Photo by Scott Schopierayuetti from Flickr

15. A different version of sleeping beauty

Photo by Sadie Swanson from Flickr

16. I am totally a lap dog, the conversation is over!

Photo by thegreattadow from Flickr

17. Never underestimate the power of puppy eyes!

Photo by Allie Tissot from Flickr

18. On Monday you decide to go to the gym, but after work your energy level is:

Photo by Elena Giglia from Flickr

19. When you realize postman is at the door, you are all ears. Any chance is it something for you?

Photo by Terrah from Flickr

20. What could be more mouth watering than the brand new dinosaurs from your monthly WufWuf box?

Photo by maltese_puppy_teddy from Instagram

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