How Much Should Puppies Sleep?

You have a new family member in your home. A Sweet, energetic, mischievous, playful little furball is running all around the house, at some point, that little friend will fall asleep.

Photo by Bev Sykes from Flickr

Pretty good, right? But, hold on a minute! Sleeping seventeen hours a day… Is it normal to sleep that much for a little puppy?

Photo by liz west from Flickr

The answer is “YES”. Puppies can sleep 17-20 hours a day. Sleeping is crucial for puppies to develop healthy muscles, make an immune system stronger. Sleeping is a part of their learning process in the same way as it is in the development of a human baby. Exploring a whole new world around them requires a lot of energy. Sleeping helps them to process newly learned information and refuel their energy.

Most of the time the puppies will fall asleep where they play. So instead of moving them, try to create a safe and comfortable place for them. They will take their naps (30 minutes-2 hours) mostly during the daytime right after their activities. You can expect your puppy to sleep 6-10 hours a night. Creating sleep schedules will help you and your puppy adjust to living together.

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If you think that your puppy is sleeping too much and seems lethargic when awake, the best thing to do is take them to the vet to find out what could be the problem.