Pup Story: Snow White

This is the Pup Story of beautiful Snow White, written by her dad. A rescue pup, her heart is full of love.

Her Story

We rescued her a couple of weeks ago, she has been badly abused in the past. She is only 2 but was forced to have multiple litters. Her body was damaged due to this. She was unloved and often left out in the cold.


Snow White has had Surgery to be spayed to ensure she will NEVER EVER be abused again! Her body was also badly damaged to her skin underneath being stretched. Some of this was able to be removed today to give her a more comfortable life.

Comparing her from the first few days to now is night and day, I am so proud to see her progress, she is a completely different dog! She is a beautiful and incredibly loving natured dog, we are so happy to welcome her to our family and give her a life FULL of love like she deserves.

This rescue pup story is written by yogisuperpug.