Preparing for your puppy – # 1 in our ‘teach your dog’ series.

Preparing for your puppy is an important first step in your teaching and providing for your pet. It seems puppies are born knowing just how to charm their owners. Along with their sweet faces, their character and warmth will make you want to cuddle them.  They also come ready to absorb everything, and at the same time, what you teach them to help make them into their adult selves.

Yet before any of this happens, it’s good to be ready for the little one’s arrival into your household. Here are some choice tips, as suggested by other owners:

Get stuff he/she will need

Of course, your puppy needs YOU most of all in all your responsible and stimulating company, while your little pooch wanders around the house learning on the job!  This could mean doing things like chewing your best rugs, pulling on your curtains, and leaving a trail of all over the place.

Aside from yourself, there are other things that your puppy will need like water and food bowls, as well as food to put in it.  This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’ll have to find out what is best for the puppy. Make sure you consider the following when preparing for your puppy.

Collar, leash and microchip

  • With such a big variety of options, it could be another case of what decision should I  make?  Try something to match her size and weight for at least eight weeks before you get a bigger one.   If you use a ‘training’ or ‘choke’ collar, make sure you don’t leave it around her.
  • consider that you will need to have a microchip.  This is UK law, but also it could be really valuable in the future. See the link below for details.

Get a microchip

‘Me first!’

image courtesy of “DSC04996” by sally9258 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

…and finally, get a dog bowl and placemat.

Needless to say, this is going to be vital in the days to come! There are plenty of options to choose from. When it comes to placemats, we are keen on the Trixie rubber mat that we self over at our Make sure you are fully preparing for your puppy and feel free to get in touch let us know if there is something important we did not mention.