Toys For your Puppy – 4 essential play things.

We previously wrote a post about essential toys for your puppy. We’d like to follow up with another 4, all of which can be found on our sister site

1. Chuckit! whistler ball

This the prospect of throwing this highly durable, whistling ball so that your puppy or dog can fetch it is highly attractive one, not only to dogs but humans as well! It withstand dirt and drool, and is easy to wipe. It is bound to provide a lot of interactive fun between you and your as your puppy starts to grow into an adult. This is why we have included it here at #1.

Same again please!

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2. Smart Choice Squeaky Plush Dinosaur Toy

Cuddly, plush and squeaky, the plush dinosaur is a favourite among Wuf subscribers’ dogs of various breeds and types. It has an internal speaker and comes in blue, purple and green.

Measurements: Approx. 26 x 35 cm


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3. WufWuf Teddy bear plush toy

Puppies start to play with balls and objects after 4-5 weeks, and this toy could make a cute companion for your puppy in its early stages. It has makes a crinkly sound, is safe for your pet’s teeth and gums, and is made from washable material.

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Sherdog plush toy

A must-have in any puppy’s toy collection, Sherdog is a cuddly, squeaky and curious friend for your puppy’s adventures. Sherdog comes with a tough fabric, which means he is great for fetch and tug games between you and your pooch.

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