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How to stop your dog from chewing everything in sight

Some dogs, especially puppies can have a habit of chewing everything you don’t want them to. Maybe you are experiencing this now and wanting to find a way to stop your dog from chewing the chair or mobile charger adapter lead, your slippers or television cable.

Hide potential hazards

If so, you are not alone, and there are various steps you can take to reduce this. Consistency is the key, and you also need to give your dog full attention, particularly if they are a youngster.

You also need to ensure you put away or hide (as much as possible) anything your dog is likely to chew on.

Keep your dog occupied

Next, ensure that your pup has good toy or long-lasting treat to keep them occupied. Here is our recommendation for the latter – something that he / she will enjoy for quite a long time.

Himalayan chews

Himalayan chews (often referred to as yak chews), originate from the expansive mountain range between India and China. More specifically, they come from the foothills of Nepal. They are made from cheese deriving from both yak and cow milk (free range), and are fast becoming popular treats for dogs around the world. Here are some reasons for their recent popularity.

Himalayan chews last a long time

These chews have been around for a long time in terms of centuries, and are also consumable for around twenty years, if left uneaten.  Originally they were called Chhurpi, and were for human consumption.  In fact, people still do consume the softer form of these chews.  It is their harder version that has become a popular treat for dogs  (Yak milk can make the hardest cheese in the world).

Being tough chews, they are also long-lasting in terms of how long your dog will probably take to get through one of them.

Safe option for puppies

As we know, puppies tend to be enthusiastic chewers. These treats with their hardness and durability, are suitable for puppies and fully-grown dogs with strong chewing inclinations. They can provide the same value in this respect as bones, but are a safer option. There won’t be any shards, which can be the product of chewing on rawhide, causing blockage or choking.

Stop your dog chewing everything with a natural product

Natural and preservative free, our own Chewerest is also gluten-free and low in lactose. When your dog chews on one, it will soften-up, becoming like a small cheese bite and will digest it easily. This is so long as your dog is healthy and has good working teeth.

chewerest - himalayan chews
WufWuf Chewerest

You can microwave left-over pieces

If your dog leaves a piece, you can put it in the microwave for 30-45 seconds. It will puff up into a a large ball – an equally enjoyable treat and bonus for your dog!

They’re tasty

The final no-brainer here is that Himalayan chews taste good. Not only are they are safer alternative to rawhide or bone, but your dog may even prefer them. This should be one way to keep them occupied gnawing and ignoring all else!

Try Chewerest for a high in protein, and additive free delight!

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