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Not all dogs live a life of leisure. Take Doug, he’s a therapy dog.  He has a mission, and that is to share happiness. As a therapy dog he visits people in hospices, care centers, and schools.  He receives pats many times a day, which helps people with their stress levels, and anxiety.

Therapy dogs bring joy to people who need it. Doug’s owner Cate first realised Doug could be a great help, when a family member became ill for a long time. She noticed that the loneliness that comes with such illnesses lessen by having a pet around. Since then, Doug has passed assessments for official ‘therapy dog’ status, and has a busy schedule.

Being a Pug, Doug has a happy, affectionate yet mischievous personality. Pugs are loyal, and if trained well, can get along with most humans and animals (including children). He has over 20,000 followers on Instagram and his own books under the name ‘Doug the Pug’, telling his everyday tales of working with children. Doug has also been on the Channel 5 programme Dogs with Incredible Jobs!

We think dogs like Doug are a reminder to us all of the therapeutic powers of our pets, which in times like these can give us comfort and keep us feeling connected.

Read about more therapy dogs (for Sue Ryder) here, Therapy Dogs Nationwide is a UK charity for the purpose of providing dogs like Doug to places that need them. You can read about the work of Lesley Scott-Ordish, who was a pioneer of using dogs in therapy here.

Therapy dog - picture courtesy of Norman West Therapy dogs.
“Norman West Therapy Dogs” by Pioneer Library System is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0