golden retriever in sea

Of Sands and Shores: Dog-friendly Beaches that your pups will adore!

Consult our list below for examples of beautiful dog- friendly beaches to make your dog feel most at home. 

Conwy Morfa – Morfa, Wales

This beach sports a vast sandy terrain, the expanse making it an idyllic spot for fishing, birdwatching, and, of course – dog-walking. The serenity of Conwy Morfa attracts plenty of wildlife. However, you are never far away from dog-friendly cafes nearby. 

Crikvenica – Croatia

This dog-friendly beach sports a particularly dog-friendly hubbub, including a beach bar that caters to canines. The resort invites both humans and dogs to stay hydrated on their shores – one of the few beaches in Croatia which permits the presence of paws.

Pitbull close up - on beach
Photo by Martín Saenz on Unsplash

Le Touquet – France

This hotspot for water sports and energetic nightlife is unique for the range of pet-friendly eateries along the coast and seaside town. Both dog and owner can taste the delights of the best French cuisine. They can then delight in a walk along Le Touquet’s 7 kilometer stretch of sand and sea. 

Marloes Sands – Pembrokeshire, UK

Marloes Sands is particularly scenic and rife for the adventurous dog walker – these being home to volcanic rock formations and neighbour to bird infested Skokholm Island. The National Trust describes the beach as a ‘hidden gem’ – a bounty for your dogs to sniff and survey. 

pitbull close up on beach
Photo by Jonathan Farber on Unsplash

Noordwijk – The Netherlands

This visual pleasure of sand and surf has beautiful blooms which line the turf. The beach provides not only a collection of dog-friendly cafes, but also carefully detailed dog-walking routes. . 

Seacliff Beach – East Lothian, Scotland

This is another location known for volcanic rock and the ruins of 14th Century Tantallon Castle. It will provide your dog with enough to explore and ponder, whilst your imagination can revere and wander. 

Rimini No Problem Dog Beach – Rimini, Italy

Imagine having a beach where you would only be permitted to enter, so long as a responsible dog is here as your guardian! Here there is no shortage of dog supplies, this being a supreme site for a dog-friendly surprise. 

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