The Benefits of Interactive Toys for Dogs

Many of our dogs have toys. The tugs of wars, the fluffies, the endless rounds of fetch, and, of course, those that squeak. Physical and mental stimulation are only some of the reasons why interactive toys are beneficial for your dog, so we have compiled a list to keep you playing all day long!

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Interactive toys activate the mind

Just as Albert Einstein advised, dogs need constant mental stimulation to stay of a healthy mind. Otherwise, dogs can become stressed and anxious. This can lead to destructive habits like digging up the garden, continuous barking, excessive licking, and indoor urinating. Bringing toys to your dog’s attention provides a perfect challenge and distraction. We’re not sure if these behaviours are true of Einstein also, but you get the drift that balancing work and play is essential!

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Toys slow down eating

Interactive toys can slow eating down for dogs and prevent indigestion. The WufSalad ensures that your pet can have fun and eat food more deliberately, as it takes time for them to locate treats amongst the fabric greenery. Toys of this design teach your pup patience and enjoyment, these being healthier habits than wolfing down food at a moment’s notice.

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Interactive provides exercise

A popular self-care tip (especially during the pandemic) is to engage in a daily walk for that crucial endorphin boost. Our dogs have not only been beneficial for us to get out every day, but they also rely on exercise in the same way. However, not everyone can always schedule a lengthy stroll, especially those working from home, who have families to support, or are suffering from ill-health. On these occasions, having a tennis ball or squeaky toy to hand – such as the plush toys in our monthly boxes – is an ideal means of encouraging play and activity for your dog on demand.

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It is incomparable fun to relax and play with your pet. Investing in interactive toys encourages peaceful past-time, and is heartily encouraged for your dog’s well-being and development.

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