Inseperable Duos: Dogs and Balls

Why do dogs love balls that much? What is so special about that round, little things? The answer is in their past.

Dogs were not always domesticated. They didn’t have comfy beds to sleep or canned food to eat. They were hunters and they relied on their natural hunting instincts to catch their prey. No matter how many hours they spend on the couch today, they were predators.

Since the domestication of dogs, one natural instinct has remained as strong as ever: the chasing instinct. In the wild, dogs will have several small animals for their chasing pleasure, but dogs living in homes have no such animals to chase after. Except balls J Because balls are the closest things to the movement of small, moving animals.

In conclusion, dogs love balls, we love dogs, so let’s give them the balls from their WufWuf boxes now!