Animations about Dogs – some of the most creative, recent films

When it comes to animations about dogs, there are plenty of films to choose from. Here are some of our favourites:

Take Me Home- Nair Archawattana

While working in a shelter, I saw how either people choose their dog or dogs choose their owner. On the whole it was dogs choosing their mates, like love at first sight.

Take me home - animations about dogs.

Isle of Dogs – Wes Anderson

Although this 2018 stop-motion feature film at first appears to be simply about dogs, it shows us what is happening to our society.  This heartbreaking story about abandoned dogs is set in a dystopia, and a reminder of the mess humans create in the name of progress.

Wes Anderson, Isle of Dog (animations about dogs).

Pip – Southeastern Guidedogs.

This is an animated short which may recall Creature Comforts. Pip its subject is a bit like us all.  We need motivation to do our jobs, and this should come naturally. We can’t give you a spoiler, but may not be able to stop your tears by the end.

Twisted – Arena Animation students

You can watch this award winning 3D Animation Short Film, a twisted tale of a dog below.

The Present – animated short

Jake enjoys spending most of his time playing video games indoors (sounds familiar?), until his mother decides to give him a present. You can watch this humorous short below.

The Dog – animated short

A powerful animation about a Hobo who wants to deliver a message. You can find out what it is at the end – watch below.

These are just a few animations about dogs. What others should we have added?