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Rugby/Football Stars and Their Dogs

Lionel Messi & Hulk

The Barcelona superstar Messi has a giant, brown French Mastiff named Senor Hulk guarding his mansion in the suburbs Barcelona.

Photo from Instagram

Alexis Sanchez & Atom and Humber

Alexis Sanchez’s two golden retrievers, Atom and Humber, are probably the most famous dogs in the sport.

Adam Sanchez
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Marcus Rashford & Saint

The Manchester United striker Rashford has a glorious Cane Corso (Italian mastiff) named Saint.

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Harry Kane & Brady and Wilson

The Spurs and England star Harry Kane has two labradors named after NFL stars Tom Brady and Russell Wilson.

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Danny Cipriani & Rocky

Rugby star Cipriani has an adorable Pug named Rocky.

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Craig Gilroy & Miley

Ireland winger Craig Gilroy really loves his Golden girl Miley.

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James Hanson & Wilma

Celebrity star James Hanson and his incredibly charismatic Rott girl Wilma look great together.

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