The Science Behind Puppy Eyes

Puppy eyes look cute to everyone, but why do we adore that look? Everybody is familiar with this expression our dogs do. Try to think about all the times you saw those puppy eyes, sometimes a head tilt follows, making it impossible to say no! So, what is the science behind the puppy eyes?

Photo by harris_the_poochon from Instagram

When a dog needs something from us – it can be love, forgiveness or some treats – they tend to look into our eyes with those adorable puppy eyes to make our hearts melt and we do what they want.

Photo by bernardthelabernese from Instagram

Dogs have evolved to do this expression to create a stronger bond with humans. Wolves have truly little muscle around their eye area while dogs have significantly more of it. They can easily make the puppy eyes expression by raising their eyebrows and making their eyes look bigger to touch our hearts.

Photo by fayhopwood from Instagram

When we see a dog with those eyes, we cannot help feeling the need to take care of them. It comes from the human instinct to nurture.

Photo by anne_of_the_duckshund from Instagram

In a way, you can think of it as a natural selection. Through out the years humans have been picking the dogs they fell for. So, their appearance has changed and evolved in order to build deeper bonds with humans.

Photo by supernova_staff from Instagram

They know how to melt our hearts with their puppy eyes to get the love they want and need. Dogs are the best! So, why don’t we start making them happy with our love? And give them their favourite treat now! 😊

Photo by thatdog_kiki from Instagram

Cover photo by pugs_eyes from Instagram