Why Do Dogs Like to Destroy Toys?

Do you get your dog cute plush toys, and they end up destroying them in hours or maybe minutes? Sometimes we feel like it is a waste of money getting those cute and fancy ones. This is often because our dog will play with a toy for a little while and end up destroying it. Why does your dog destroy toys?


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Dogs need exercise and mental stimulation every day. When you can’t spend time with your pooch, it seeks something to express its frustration with. Plush toys are the best for this. Dogs try to find the weaker parts of the toy, rip it off, and end up destroying it. If they don’t usually do this, but have started doing so recently, this might mean your dog needs more of your time.

Prey Drive

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Our dogs do not need to hunt for food, but some of those instincts never go away. Just like their ancestors, they like to hunt. When they see a squeaky plush toy, they like to think of it as prey. They try to “kill” it. Most of the time, plush toys make them feel like they are on their hunt and they need to destroy it, just like their ancestors did.

Learned Behavior

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Since our dogs are adorable, particularly when they try to look tough as they play with their toys, we end up petting them and showing them love. To us it is cute when they try to look tough. From their perspective, we like it when they play this way with their toys, so they start doing it more.

The Wrong Toys

Sometimes dogs need to chew their toys, and tough ones are the best in this case. Veterinary dental experts agree that chewing them can help keep your pet’s gums healthy, along with removing tartar and scraping away bacteria from the teeth.

But what if my dog destroys the tough toys as well?

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In this case you have nothing to be concerned about. There are no indestructible dog toys, and if they were tougher than what they are, they would hurt your dog’s teeth. It may even cause a broken one.

Training your dog how to use the toys is possible. Interactive dog toys are good for this. The most important thing is that through being with your dog and spending more time together, you can teach it how to use its toys, and your friend will absolutely love to spend more time with you!

Consider getting a monthly Wufwuf box for your dog

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Wufwuf subscription boxes offer toys and treats every month delivered to your doorstep. Each month has a different theme with different toys for your pooch. This way you won’t have to spend time and lots of money to get a new one for your lovely toy-destroyer. Your dog will love having different toys and treats every month. If you subscribe, there will be at least 1 plush toy, 1 tough toy and different kinds of treats delivered to your house for £18.90!

But my dog is such a good chewer; he can destroy toys in less than two minutes!

In this case you can consider Wufwuf Power Chewer Boxes, you will have delicious treats and tough toys delivered to your doorstep every month! If your pooch loves chew toys, these monthly boxes will be the best for you.

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