How to Train Your Dog to Do a Handshake or a High Five

Difficulty rating: Easy

One of the most popular dog-training moves is getting one to offer a paw as if for a handshake or a high five.

To do this, you’ll have first to get your dog to sit and while you offer a clenched hand with the treat(s) really near her nose.

Shaking Paws with Bruno
Photo by Eugene Kim from Flickr

She will soon get impatient and try and ‘paw’ the treats to her. Open your empty hand and catch your dog’s with it.  Praise her, and open the other hand to give her the treat.  Do this a few times, then once familiar, give a verbal cue like, ‘how are you?’ as your dog puts her paw up.  Then reward her. (Lots of treasure such as treats and toys will come with your WufWuf box)

Repeat this, so that the treat is on the other hand, and your dog puts her paw in the empty hand.  If you want you can give the command ‘high five’, but instead of offering a palm down hand, you’ll have to offer a flat palm just like in a high five gesture. Watch expert dog trainer Denise Harman do this below.

What have you trained your dog to do