Why Your Dog Needs a WufSalad

1. It’s a perfect interactive dog toy.

Dogs need constant mental stimulation in order to stay of healthy mind. When they don’t get enough, they can become stressed and anxious. As you know, they investigate everything with their noses. That’s why WufSalad will be perfect for your dog because it’s satisfying to use!

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2. Slows down eating.

WufSalad is designed to slow down eating while engaging your dog’s sense of smell and natural foraging skills. Rather than giving the whole meal at once, you can do it gradually. This will help preventing indigestion problems caused by eating too fast.

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3. WufSalad is different than regular snuffle matts.

You can adjust the difficulty by tightening or loosening the pull-string. During lockdowns this will be quite an exercise and excitement for your dog!

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4. How to use:

Place a few dog treats on the top of the WufSalad. Once your dog learns how to play with it correctly, you can hide the treats deeper in the fabric. Make sure to watch your dogs the whole time.

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5. After use

Give lots of praise when your dog finds the treats without moving the mat too much. It usually takes a few attempts for your dog to learn how to utilize their natural foraging behaviour with the WufSalad. And it’s machine washable!

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