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Fighting the Climate Crisis: Look after your dogs with these eco-friendly tips and tricks

It’s no secret that our planet has been on the verge of an eco-catastrophe for quite some time. With mass flooding in Germany and wildfires in Greece and Turkey, many people are questioning what more we can do for the welfare of our planet. Does responsibility for positive changes lies with larger corporations, or should we play a part? In order to not feel completely powerless in this situation, experts have advised looking for ways to reduce consumption within our own means. 

Evaluating the ways in which we care for our pets is a prime example of this. This doesn’t necessarily mean forcing your pup onto a vegan diet (as this can be a significant health hazard). Making small changes and cutbacks can benefit the welfare of our dogs alongside the planet. Here are some examples of actions that we dog owners can take.

Pick up your poop (with a recyclable scoop!)

Cleaning up after your dogs, may seem a run of the mill concern, but much dog poo goes unchecked remains a prominent issue. This is particularly for both urban and beach areas in the UK. Unchecked waste can contaminate the ground and water sources, extending to lakes, rivers and negatively affecting the aquatic life therein. Rather than running the risk, it is better to dispose of waste in the bin. 

For the disposal itself, there are many biodegradable doggy bag options on the market, and dog owners are strongly encouraged to choose these for the best way to positively impact the planet. Some labels for doggy bags even say whether they are compostable, or are made from plants and vegetable oils – all of which are productive means to keep you and your dog clean and green!

Pick natural or recycled treats and toys

Treat and toy shopping can contribute to the non-recyclable plastic that strays into the environment. This is particularly the case with empty wrappers or toys our dogs have finished gnashing through. To compensate, many companies have opted for eco-friendly materials with which to make their treats – such as WufWuf’s own produce being packaged in recyclable pouches. 

You can seek out chews with natural rubber, and there are many options for natural snacks for dogs to choose from. Take sticks of cucumber or a teaspoon of peanut butter – healthy, natural options to treat your pet, as well as a means to make use of any waste! 

Some sites also suggest steering away from meats like beef altogether, as cattle production is environmentally demanding. It would be better to opt for foods with small carbon footprints like chicken and fish, and there is always the option to try our grain and cereal-based produce to satisfy your dog’s appetite. 

Many also recommend gifting your pup toys that your children may not use anymore. This would not only be a great way to save on expenditure, but reduce the wastage of non-recyclable materials in toys by giving them more use for your dog. 

Dog-treat packet, 'Chicken Triangles' from Wufwuf
Wufwuf Chicken Triangles

Get your steps in

Even beyond the limitations of lockdown, our dogs have been an incredible source of motivation to get out walking. Walking them allows us to embrace the beauty of our natural surroundings, interact with our pets and meet new people. A routine of long walks can also encourage us to choose this in other aspects of our lives. If there is the time and option to travel somewhere without using the car or public transport, it might be better to get on your best pair of walking shoes towards that next lunch date or appointment!

Adopt your pup!

The aftermath of lockdown have left many concerned as to how people will still be able to care for the new puppies they procured during the pandemic. This adds to an already rife concern over how many dogs first needed rehoming under ‘normal’ circumstances, alongside how pets also take up the planet’s resources. Adoption then can be the perfect means to kill two birds with one stone – give back to the planet and give a loyal pup a new home! 

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