Olympic Breeds: The Brave and the Bold

The Dogs that could go for gold!

Team GB keeps storming ahead at this year’s Tokyo Olympics. As we sit at home watching the fun and competition unfold for athletes from across the globe, we began to wonder which breeds of dog might be best suited to popular Olympic sports. Based on skills and traits such as agility, strength, and speed, here is a small list of those that could manage the Olympic competition on par with the home team!

Swimming and Diving

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If there has been any element where Team GB has been making a particular splash, it has definitely been on the diving board and in the swimming tracks! Tom Daley and Matty Lee blew us all away with their stellar men’s synchronised 10m platform event, followed by Tom Dean’s landslide victory in the 200m freestyle along with his teammates – Duncan Scott, James Guy, and Matthew Richards.

Not to out-sniff the doggy paddle, there are many breeds of dog which also excel when met with a body of water. Such breeds include the gorgeous Flat-Coated Retriever, as they were bred to hunt by both land and water. Their luscious coats help protect them from the iciest waters, which is a similar story for oily-coated Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. This gundog is equally energetic and strong, thus allowing them to dive and relay with happy families all day long. The ‘Mud Dog’ Barbet would also prove to be some fierce competition – their design to hunt waterfowl ever since the 16th Century means depths of the water for them is no mystery. 

Relays and Racing

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There are many skilled and energetic breeds of dogs that could rival a human runner on the racetrack. These dogs tend to be of a notable sleek and agile build, such as the classic Greyhound being able to sprint at 45 miles per hour. 

Ancient Afghan Hounds and Salukis are also notable for speed and sensibility. Borzois are powerful and fast enough to run with the wolves themselves. Dogs such as Dalmations, German Shepherds, and Vizslas have extra power in order to fetch all the faster, hence why they are also popular family breeds for keeping up with the most energetic kids.

BMX (Bike Motorcross)

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There have been marvelous victories from Bethan Shriever, Kye Whyte, and Charlotte Worthington in the BMX Freestyle and BMX races respectively. If we were to consider who would be able to master their paws on the handlebars, Poodles would be right at the top of the list. Their reputation may be maimed by the extraordinary cuts that people cater for their curls, but this does not take away from their brains, stamina, and resilience.

Poodles have excelled from being hunting dogs to winning gold in agility competitions, perhaps only being outranked by equally clever and coordinated dog breeds like the infamous Border Collie. Never to be shunned for the intelligence needed to herd sheep, there’s a high chance these dogs could hold their own in the precision of hopping and cornering in this area of cycling. BMX sports also require a great deal of bodily power, aggressiveness, and determination, matching with protective yet fierce breeds like the Rottweiler. Doberman Pinschers would also be apt for consideration, as the balance between their sleek build and high muscle mass would make them strong BMX contenders. 

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