THE DOGTOR – Tips about dog health

  • It is important for you to accustom your puppy to being examined regularly. Gently and regularly check his entire body including his ears, mouth, eyes, and paws. This will allow you to check your pet’s general health and also make it easier should you need to administer any veterinary treatment that may be necessary in the future.
  • Regular grooming is not only beneficial to the dog, it also helps build a good relationship between the two of you. Train your dog to stand quietly and reassure him throughout the procedure. Try to make this an enjoyable experience for the dog and remember to give plenty of praise and rewards for good behaviour.
  • Dental care should start as soon as possible. Toothbrushing, when done regularly, is the most effective way of removing plaque from your dog’s teeth and keeping the gums healthy. You may find that your puppy will want to chew everything. Try to avoid leaving any objects lying around that you would not want to be chewed. Provide the puppy with his own safe chew toys.
  • Can Dogs Catch Covid-19?

There’s no evidence that the virus responsible for COVID-19 can be passed from dogs to humans (or vice versa). The main source of infection is human-to-human transmission, and there is no current evidence to suggest your dog poses any significant risk to your health. But the virus could be passed from person to person via a dog’s fur, collar, lead, toys or food.

  • Should We Wash Our Dogs More Often Due to the Covid19 Situation?

Don’t wash your dog any more than you usually would, as it could irritate their skin. Don’t use anti-bacterial gel or wipes on your dog either. After walks, wipe them down with a wet cloth and wash your hands afterwards.