Essential Toys For Your Puppy

As you know puppies are like little, cute adventurers around the house. They tend to explore everything with their mouths. When it comes to saving your shoes, clothes, and furniture from unwanted investigations, providing them with suitable toys for their teething instincts is the best solution. You should consider your dog’s breed and personality while choosing a toy. For those who are natural energy bombs, interactive toys or ones that dispense treats would be suitable, while for calmer ones who love cuddling, soft toys would be the best option. Whether your aim is to help your puppy’s teething process, teach him/her new tricks or just enjoy playtime, choosing age and size appropriate toys is very important.

1. Smart Choice Sherdog Toy

Your puppy will love this toy. The squeak inside makes playing more interesting. It is also great for cuddling and an ideal comforting toy for your puppy.

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2. Busy Buddy Twist’ n Treat Dog Toy

Your puppy can roll this toy to get a treat. You can twist to adjust the difficulty level.

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3.Nina Ottosson Twister Interactive Dog Toy

One of the best ways to keep hyperactive dogs busy for more than a few minutes, it also has various difficulty levels.

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4. Nylabone Teething Rings Chew Toy

These teething rings will make your puppy stay away from your stuff. This is because chewing them is fun and will help soothing its gums.

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5. Rope Toys

These toys are basic but essential. As a puppy parent, you can use it for a game of fetch. It also relieves pressure on its teeth and reduces plaque build-up.

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6. ChuckIt Ultra Ball

This ball is known as one of the best fetch balls. It bounces higher and it floats on the water. Made with durable materials, it is suitable for extreme chewers yet soft on the mouth.

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7.Nylabone Teething Dinosaur

This fun toy freshens breath and cleans teeth. It helps to reduce your puppy’s tooth pain. With its textured surface, it massages the gums. This is not suitable for extreme chewers.

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8.Kong Puppy Flyer

You don’t have to wait for your puppy to grow up to play fetch. This frisbee is smaller, suitable for a puppy, and it’s also highly durable.

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9. Nylabone Just For Puppies Key Ring Bone

The shapes and textures of this toy will satisfy your puppy’s need to chew while keeping them entertained.

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10. WufWuf Dogosaurus Plush Toy

This soft dino will be your puppy’s new favourite. Not ideal for chewing sessions but a perfect toy for cuddling.

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