Soothing out the summer – how to keep your dog cool in hot weather

It’s beem a scorcher of a week , and as well as dealing with sunburn and a lack home-ventilation, owners should spare a thought for their dogs in hot weather – especially ones with thick coats.

Given our past year of being cooped up indoors, spending time outside this summer was a certainty for many of us. However, our dogs may not be able to cope as well in the sun, so here is our best advice to help keep your dog cool in hot weather


Always keep a full bottle of clean water handy and provide cool/ damp towels for sitting. Play near a pool or sprinkler, and take walks near an accessible pond or river.


To prevent injured paws, opt for a path less travelled – of grassy, cool areas over pavement. We also recommend swapping one long walk for two or three short bursts throughout the day – such as in the morning or late evening when the sun is weaker – to preserve temperature and energy.

Photo by bilbo.the_.tripaw.beagle.19 from Instagram


We laughed at our own lockdown haircuts, but a trim could be the most effective means of cooling out dogs in hot weather off. Invest time in regular grooming to remove knots and fluff. Also, try a dog-formulated sun cream for protecting sensitive skin. 


The key flags to look out for when the temperature gets too much are:

Heavy Panting

Excessive Salivation/ Dribbling

Wobbling and trouble standing up

Bright Red Gums 

Glazed Eyes

Rapid Pulse

Lack of Coordination

Vomiting and/or diarrhoea 

Loss of consciousness 


Immediately take your dog to a shaded area

Contact your vet straight away

Keep your dog cool by applying towels soaked in cold water to it’s head, neck, and chest

Let them lick something cool, like water or an ice cube (but avoid giving too much).

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