Fun Tricks You Can Teach Your Dog Easily

Shake paws

Teaching a dog to shake hands is generally pretty easy because most dogs naturally like using their paw when asking for a treat. When you present a closed fistful of treats, your dog will be compelled to paw at your hand since they can’t get the treats with their mouth.

Once they continue to paw, begin to use the command “Shake,” and after repeating it several times, your dog is sure to learn a brand new trick.

High five

It’s very simple to teach it to do a “high five“, once your dog masters the “shake” command. Start by working on the “shake” command, but begin to hold your palm out, and as it hits your palm, give the command “high five.” Treat and praise your dog immediately. Your goal here is to get it to raise its paw as high as possible and to touch your open palm.

BDOC Tricks Competition
Photo by Sportz Fotos Your Sport Your Photos from Flickr


Who wouldn’t want to learn this adorable trick? Sit on your knees with a treat in your hand. Call your dog over by showing it treats, then bring it up behind your neck. Your dog will place its head on your shoulder, trying to reach the treat. Give the treat when it leans its head on you then pet your dog. Then you can integrate the voice command.


Encouraging your dog to bark on command is easy if your pet is chatty, but it can take a bit longer to train if your dog rarely barks. Find out what is causing your dog to bark and use it to encourage this behaviour as soon as your dog barks, say “Yes!” and then reward him. After a few tries, ask him to “Speak” before using the trigger word to create the association, and you will be able to get your dog to bark on command!

Photo by Lianne Viau from Flickr