How Do Dogs Show Love and Affection?

It’s easy for us to show our affection for our pooches. A belly rub, treats, or hugging on the couch says love words to our pets. But how dogs show us they care?


Photo by Alex Beattie from Flickr

When your dog comes up to you and leans its full weight against your legs, it’s showing you it trust you completely. For many dogs, the lean is like a big hug.


Photo by Bennilover from Flickr

You’ll know your dog is expressing love if the nose-nudge is accompanied by a soulful look, or leads to more full-body contact.

Licking, Of Course!

Photo by Holly Williams from Flickr

Long, slurpy kisses that are accompanied by a soft, wiggly body are usually very affectionate gestures. By this kind of licking, your dog is saying “I like you so much!”

Jumping Jumping Jumping!

Photo by tishamp from Flickr

This sign of affection you may not want to encourage. For many of us, jumping is an unwanted dog habit. But it may help to reframe it as a loving act of exuberance. If your dog gets bouncy around you, they’re showing you how much they care.


Photo by sgilsdorf from Flickr

If your dog snuggles up and sighs, it means they feel safe and comfortable by your side. How cute is that!