The Dogtor – A Guide to Dog Health

Tips about dog health


Dogs are intelligent, so if they get bored, and don’t have enough to do, they can suffer. You need to make sure your dog can exercise outdoors every day, play and interact with people or other dogs (if appropriate).


Your dog needs a well-balanced diet to stay fit and healthy as well as constant access to fresh, clean drinking water at all times. How much your dog needs to eat will depend on things such as age, how active he/she is and his/her general health. So you need to feed him/her accordingly.


Dogs need regular exercise and plenty of opportunities to walk, run and play outdoors and to learn new skills through training. They are playful animals and enjoy having fun with toys, people and other dogs.


Dogs are sociable animals so they need and enjoy the company. If they are treated well as puppies, they learn to see people as friends and companions. Your dog will become lonely, bored and distressed if he/she is left without company and has nothing to do for long periods of time.


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